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2022.1 (Released on January 26, 2022)


Indexima’s newest version – v2022.1 – is now available. This new version brings the following main new features:

Easy to use

  • Table memory footprint: Extension of the SHOW TABLECOUNT function in order to display all the attributes of the tables, as well as more detailed information on the state of the table, the rows awaiting commit, or the state of the tombstone memory of hyperindexes. This allows for a better understanding of the memory footprint and the need to run a COMPACT operation on the table.
  • Query memory footprint: new query filtering capabilities to quickly identify memory-consuming queries or subqueries.
  • Simplification of the synchronization process in external table mode: Warning message in case of non-consistency of table structures before starting any synchronization.

Easy to adopt

  • Denodo is now supported in external tables mode. It enables you to access Denodo as if it was a table in the database.
  • Data Catalog with Apache Atlas: Improve import process and support deletion in Atlas of non-existing items to simplify integration and bootstrap of catalog.
  • Extend Microsoft ADLS support: Support for ADLS Gen2 Blob Storage for Indexima warehouse and file load.
  • Extend CEPH support: Support for CEPH for Indexima warehouse and file load.
  • Pushdown on AWS Redshift: Support for pushdown functions on AWS Redshift / Postgres allowing the delegation of specific functions to Indexima.

Easy To Implement

  • Re-initialization process: Accelerate the process of resizing the cluster and reducing the risk of "split-brain" in case of failure detection and cluster reset.
  • Startup check: Improvement of the startup consistency checks and notifications, to alert your Indexima admin in case of incorrect partitioning parameters.
  • License is not part of the installation process anymore.

End of life support policy

Please note that releases 1.7.11 and 1.7.12 reached the end of life support as described by our end of life policy.

Detailed Release Note

Reminder: End of Static mode

Since version 2021.5, the static mode (using parameter node in the galactica.conf) is deprecated. Refer to install-indexima-engine for setup details.

Reminder: New user interface

By 2021, we have released a new user interface for the Indexima console. The old User interface is now deprecated.


From now on, the only way to update or implement a license is to use the user interface: see here.


  • INDXMA-6718: Apply a limit to improve JDBC load assistant for Oracle & SQLServer
  • INDXMA-6920/ INDXMA-6954 : Extend Atlas import function to support deleteNonExisting flag (improve error handling during the import operation) : see Data Catalog with Apache Atlas
  • INDXMA-6927: Improve query duration measurement (query duration now explicitly includes the initialization time is separated)
  • INDXMA-6950: Drop support of Indexima license in the conf directory
  • INDXMA-6953: Optimise diskBackedResult mechanism
  • INDXMA-6984 (ZenD #1539): Allows to create Alias with the same name as another alias in another schema
  • INDXMA-7013: Add logs (in galactica.log files) to monitor tables prefetch mechanism
  • INDXMA-7066: Filter org.apache.thrift.transport.TSaslTransportException expected errors in logs
  • INDXMA-7020: Extend SHOW TABLECOUNT with new attributes: see SHOW TABLECOUNT
  • INDXMA-7084: Add lines_after_commit and index_tombstone_percent to SHOW TABLECOUNT
  • INDXMA-7047 (ZenD #1335): Check Hive table structure before executing a synchronize
  • INDXMA-7052: Update pre-join Indexes before executing SYNCHRONIZE
  • INDXMA-7205 (ZenD #1692): Improve error message during a SYNCHRONIZE operation
  • INDXMA-7071: Improve syntax control of Synchronize with partitions
  • INDXMA-7125: Fix cases of missing backquotes for schema beginning with a figure
  • INDXMA-7162: Better handle BIT type used to represent boolean in PostgreSQL
  • INDXMA-7169: Improve node synchronization for pending queries
  • INDXMA-7171: Update supported_dbs.json.template with new sources
  • INDXMA-7181: Speed-up hive initialization for Hadoop3 installation
  • INDXMA-7201: Add new configuration files ( & core-site.xml) to the diagnostic Zip file
  • INDXMA-7207: Refresh the tablecount of a table after a COMPACT operation
  • INDXMA-7211: Prevent creating two equivalent hyperindexes
  • INDXMA-7275: Allows to load from a local filesystem on windows nodes
  • INDXMA-7156: Improve support for loading files from ADLS gen2 blob storage

Improving queries executions

  • INDXMA-7158: Optimisation to evaluate only once some constant expressions
  • INDXMA-7135: Optimise index selection for subqueries
  • INDXMA-6963: Optimise DROP SCHEMA CASCADE with a parallelization deletion process
  • INDXMA-7265: Catch exception upon query completion to prevent never-ending queries

Improving Cluster Stability, cluster recovery & Node Status Management

  • INDXMA-7019: Migrate re-init operation on the new network stack
  • INDXMA-7029: Prevent unrequired node failure event upon cluster re-init
  • INDXMA-7005: Rework channel management for ping service
  • INDXMA-7131: Optimise warehouse reload upon re-init
  • INDXMA-7114: Simplify ping monitoring
  • INDXMA-7182: Migrate STATUS operation to the new network stack
  • INDXMA-7212: Improve error message when a query is canceled due to cluster in error
  • INDXMA-7224: Migrate UPDATE LICENSE operation on the new network stack
  • INDXMA-7237: Improve status reporting upon node lost
  • INDXMA-7127: Enhance cluster status management and re-init process
  • INDXMA-7263: Review granularity of new Node Status in logs


  • INDXMA-6908: Remove parameter tableau_cast_timestamp
  • INDXMA-6956: Remove parameter warehouse.protocol
  • INDXMA-7035: Simplify Indexima console connexion files
  • INDXMA-7048: Improve startup control of partition parameter misaligned with existing warehouse
  • INDXMA-7259: Improve notification upon the misaligned tables with partition parameter
  • INDXMA-7198: Clean versions in DeprecatedProperties

External Table

New supported connections

  • INDXMA-6930: Support of external table on sap Hana
  • INDXMA-7087: Support external tables on Denodo

New Supported elements

  • INDXMA-6928: Fix the JBDC URL connexion string  when using the indexima assistant to create a table from sap Hana (
  • INDXMA-6967: Allows to delegate NaN as DOUBLE
  • INDXMA-6968: Allows to delegate NULL as a timestamp
  • INDXMA-6990: Support dense_rank as a pushdown function on external tables
  • INDXMA-7007: Fix delegation of "when is not null" expression
  • INDXMA-7163: Support Unhex for external tables on PostgreSQL
  • INDXMA-6960: Support Postgres/Redshift pushdown functions
  • INDXMA-6961: Support Oracle pushdown functions

Improving Queries executions

  • INDXMA-6944: Better handle session pool when delegating to external tables
  • INDXMA-6965: Fix error when creating an external table on Indexima if schema specified in URL
  • INDXMA-7039: Killed delegated queries are not closed on Impala source

Improving Synchronization process

  • INDXMA-7228: Add option for non-incremental Snowflake synchro
  • INDXMA-7050: Prevent triggering twice a SYNCHRONIZE on the same table
  • INDXMA-7051: Flush snowflake stream upon SYNCHRONIZE ALL
  • INDXMA-7061: Raise an error when adding a pre-join index on an external snowflake table if there is no corresponding index on joined tables


  • INDXMA-7102: Handle column names with spaces when delegating to SQL server or sap Hana
  • INDXMA-7103: Fix delegation errors when spaces in column names in the source
  • INDXMA-7106: Fix load assistant incorrect parsing for external tables on SAP Hana
  • INDXMA-7107: Improve escaping table names when delegating to SAP Hana
  • INDXMA-7138: Fix cases of incorrect external table selection with dimension tables
  • INDXMA-7176: Improve escaping alias names when delegating to SAP Hana
  • INDXMA-7217: Fix an incorrect quoting when creating an external table through the "table creation" wizard
  • INDXMA-7291: Fix error when creating a table from PostgreSQL using the "table creation" wizard

Smart Table, Analyzer, and Index generation

  • INDXMA-6969: Beware of NULL constants when generating string representing indexes
  • INDXMA-6993: Add the default optimizer mode after the first run of the analyzer
  • INDXMA-7060: Automatically generate an index on joined tables when adding a pre-join index on an external table
  • INDXMA-7074: Extend analyzer API to specify if analyzer triggered an index on another dimension table
  • INDXMA-7110: Log current user when using the Analyzer shortcut buttons
  • INDXMA-7129: Fix exception when running a Quick Analysis on schema beginning with a figure
  • INDXMA-7155: Fix exception when parsing query history
  • INDXMA-7188: Fix timeout for advanced analyzer
  • INDXMA-7192: Fix incorrect alias renaming when generating index
  • INDXMA-7204: Fix analyzer suggestion incompatible with SAP Hana dialect
  • INDXMA-7216: Improve cardinality evaluation logic for small tables
  • INDXMA-7297: Extend timeout when triggering analyzer through dev console


  • INDXMA-7101: Activate API secret key check even if Hive authentication deactivated
  • INDXMA-7148: Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 - Update log4j
  • INDXMA-7185: Vulnerability CVE-2021-45105 & CVE-2021-45046 - Update to log4j 2.17.0
  • INDXMA-7227 (ZenD #1669): Vulnerability CVE-2021-44832 - Update to log4j 2.17.1

Indexima Console

Major improvements

  • INDXMA-6270: Migrate application to Vue CLI
  • INDXMA-6796: Decommissioning old dev console
  • INDXMA-6987: Fix missing compression on some endpoints

Cluster connexions Hub

  • INDXMA-6929: Persist visualdoop token to keep user sessions upon service restart
  • INDXMA-7036: Rework timeout of API request when updating a cluster or connexion
  • INDXMA-7059: Fix wrong connection label
  • INDXMA-7082: Replace deprecated node-saas
  • INDXMA-7100: Catch console error upon opening an invalid cluster
  • INDXMA-7122: Catch incorrect connection errors on visualdoop startup
  • INDXMA-7133: Save button spinning indefinitely when testing incorrect cluster host
  • INDXMA-7274: Remove deprecated High Availability from cluster homepage

Improving Queries View

  • INDXMA-7093: Add load index flag in query listing
  • INDXMA-6849: Add filter on used memory in query listing
  • INDXMA-7080: Display query initialization_duration in the console
  • INDXMA-7143: Fix incorrect information in queries details upon several quick restarts
  • INDXMA-7145: Fix query listing expand/collapse mechanism
  • INDXMA-7298: Add index used filter on queries view
  • INDXMA-7094: Improve calculation of MAX_WORKER_MEMORY for subqueries


  • INDXMA-6837: Improve Notifications service
  • INDXMA-6936 (ZenD #1540): Fix upgrade license through the WebUI may not work
  • INDXMA-6949: Solve Javascript error if license expired
  • INDXMA-6974: Fix catalog error when trying to open a deleted table
  • INDXMA-6999: Display column names even if zero results
  • INDXMA-7004: Improve timezone support with new endpoints for queries & events
  • INDXMA-7027: Redirect from load assistant goes to the cluster view
  • INDXMA-7034: Fix routing issue when displaying nodes logs
  • INDXMA-7049: Improve query profile fields description
  • INDXMA-7097: Fix missing workbooks in the console after migration
  • INDXMA-7109 (ZenD #1644): Rework Biggest Indexes tooltips
  • INDXMA-7123: Fix console incorrect accent display
  • INDXMA-7126: Display Data change the position of action buttons
  • INDXMA-7128: Fix cases of missing backquotes when using the 'Copy in Editor' button
  • INDXMA-7140: Extend timeout for the diagnosis download
  • INDXMA-7166: Fix WebSocket connection failed in console
  • INDXMA-7179: Fix Azure synapse and MS SQL logo collision
  • INDXMA-7180: Improve load assistant for Netezza and Denodo
  • INDXMA-7187: Upgrade node-status page according to new re-init stack
  • INDXMA-7220: Fix creating dimension table from JDBC load assistant
  • INDXMA-7230: Improve display of table names in the catalog
  • INDXMA-7232: Fix Boolean support in the console
  • INDXMA-7258: Sort by node-id on the node status page
  • INDXMA-7262: Fix potential server error on cluster status endpoint
  • INDXMA-7264: Improve close button for tabs on console view
  • INDXMA-7294: Speed up the display of the analyzer notifications
  • INDXMA-7295: Fix analyzer display during analyze / loading


  • INDXMA-6977: Fix conversion of count distinct dictionary
  • INDXMA-6986 (ZenD #1532): Fix error when the subquery is multinode whereas parent query is a one-node query
  • INDXMA-6989: Fix exception when delegating a UNION
  • INDXMA-7003: Fix exception when creating a table from AS SELECT
  • INDXMA-7032 (ZenD #1609): Fix missing version in dev console for windows deployment
  • INDXMA-7038: Fix hadoop3 control triggering database does not exist when loading from self
  • INDXMA-7056: Fix concurrent access error while adding an index
  • INDXMA-7085: Inconsistent behavior of union when a subquery is executed on a secondary master
  • INDXMA-7096: Improve timestamp cast when loading index
  • INDXMA-7108 (ZenD #1643): Add quotes to better handle scheme name starting with a figure
  • INDXMA-7111 (ZenD #1555): Fix edge case of Having function not applied
  • INDXMA-7117 (ZenD #1617): Fix cases of incorrect rotation of queriescsv logs
  • INDXMA-7120: Fix a missing compression when generating the diagnostic file
  • INDXMA-7124 (ZenD #1577): Fix evaluation of NULL timestamps
  • INDXMA-7146 (ZenD #1647): Fix null pointer error when merging an index with a count distinct
  • INDXMA-7149: Fix load error on very large lines
  • INDXMA-7151 (ZenD #1647): Fix potential index corruption when compacting an hyperindex containing a count distinct aggregation
  • INDXMA-7189: Fix computation of PreviousWeekNum
  • INDXMA-7210: Fix case of null pointer exception on the analyzer incremental store
  • INDXMA-7225 (ZenD #1693 #1694): Fix Timestamp conversion error after migrating to 2021.5
  • INDXMA-7153: Fix left outer join without ON clause

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